Keeping Foxes Out

An area for discussion of problems with pests and predators. WARNING: People are discussing problems with predators, that includes things such as fox and bird of prey attack. Such posts may not be nice viewing, but are acceptable.

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Keeping Foxes Out

Post by Eglwyseg » 15 Jun 2018, 09:37

This year I decided I would like to keep chickens for their eggs and now have seven hybrids, all laying very well, thank you.

Looking around for chicken coops and runs to buy I was very disappointed at the flimsy commercial versions and frankly, quite disgusted at the claims how many chucks should fill so tiny a space. Deciding to build my own run I made some research and living out in fox country realised I could have a problem from these predators.

In my research it was fairly harrowing to discover what callous killers these animals are! They really are evil beasts around poultry!

I discovered very early on, it is pointless having an open run, no matter how high the walls, if Mr Fox is on a determined mission to kill my chucks so therefore the run MUST be covered. Looking at videos on YouTube is was also apparent, wire netting is not a good idea if making a run to keep out foxes.

Quite a lot went into my ideas and finally hit on the idea to buy a 6m X 3M poly tunnel. Okay, you may find it a crackers idea but I was able to sell the cover on at a good price and still be left with a sturdy galvanised frame. I bought in enough galvanised steel mesh panels and clad the poly tunnel framework to make a super sturdy poultry run. I bought a supply of bulk cable ties to tie the mesh to the frame. My photograph shows the main frame complete and ends to the run were added later. Now I had run but was warned time and again the crafty fox will simply dig under my tough frame so more research required to keep these predators out.

All over the internet poultry keepers are recommending a skirt around the run at ground level. Now some advise a skirt of a metre wide is more than enough but taking advice I was convinced a foot of material will definitely keep these pests out. With two 8' X 4' welded gird mesh I was able to cut them into 8 strips a foot wide and ended up with 64' of skirt. Again, the skirt was tied to the bottom of the framework with cable ties. The photograph shows them freshly installed but now the grass has grown through and looks more aesthetically pleasing.
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Re: Keeping Foxes Out

Post by CP » 15 Jun 2018, 13:17

Looking good Eglwyseg & a generous size too.

You might want to add a smaller holed mesh to the bottom foot or so, just so the birds can't poke their heads through for Mr.Fox to take a bite at. ;)
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Re: Keeping Foxes Out

Post by kated » 19 Jun 2018, 09:49

...and not just foxes, feral cats will bite the heads off young stock who poke their heads through. Super work though!

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