Pullet or Roo?

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Pullet or Roo?

Post by Kelly14 » 07 Aug 2018, 19:12

Hi, I am new here and only been a chicken Mum for a year (inherited with new house) Loving every minute and have added some ex barn hens to the original flock.

My brother in law kindly bought my partner some eggs, incubated and hatched them. We took them on at 5 weeks. They are now 13 weeks and were all supposed to be barred rocks. 2 of them are clearly not!

I need some help sexing them.... I’m thinking that the 2 barred ones are boys just because I have read that their combs & wattles grow a lot sooner than pullets?

Just tried to add some pics but it’s not working so some help on that would be good too please 😊

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Re: Pullet or Roo?

Post by CP » 07 Aug 2018, 23:09

Welcome to the forum Kelly14. :grin:

If you click 'post reply' instead of 'quick reply', you will see options/attachments at the bottom. Click 'attachments', then 'add files' which should then allow you to add photos from your computer. ;)
Happy in Hampshire!

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